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Moonshot Ignite


[muːnʃɒt ɪɡˈnaɪt]

In today's hyper-changing world, collaboration and strategic planning are non-negotiable. And they need to start with real human insights.

Teams that work together with clear direction that addresses real people's needs are more likely to not only succeed by creating meaningful impact, but thrive.

What matters to people, matters to us.

(See also: Thrive)

Our services

De-risk. Innovate. Accelerate.

Product Strategy Design

Devise a robust plan for your innovation ideas and challenges.
Quickly and accurately plot the outlook for a complex product.

Experiment accelerator

Test assumptions and bring ideas to life using experimentation
Create repeatable methods for testing multiple hypothesis.

Prototype sprint

Turn a product idea into a high-fidelity, tested prototype.
Get customer insights in only two weeks, creating a faster, more confident path to development.

Challenge Scoping

Move from chaos to clarity about your challenge.
Align your team and walk away with an expert concept of next steps.

Perspective Alignment

Align different teams on the focus of a new initiative.
Get stakeholders to actively commit to, and advocate for projects outside of their remit.

Ways of working

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