Inspire your customers.

Support your existing team or build one from scratch. We recruit, train and amaze all from a unique talent community called Flight.
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A new approach to customer support talent.

Flight builds remote teams of highly skilled customer support talent for growing startups who put people first.

Why us

Untapped  Market

Untapped English-speaking market full of great talent in LATAM: Accessible pool of skilled and available talent.

Remote-first Model

Remote-first upskilling model for the global remote-first global workforce of the future

Extensive Training

Pre-placement training curriculum and two-year community access for continued learning so your CSRs will continue to have extra resources for growth.

Quality Results

Our CSRs are highly qualified, well-trained and help our clients achieve some of the best CSAT scores around

The journey from us to your customer.

Every one of our flight graduates undergo a comprehensize customer support upskilling journey that continues even after placement.


Upskilling interview and recruitment experience.

A comprehensive curriculum

Building skills in CS tools, mindsets, and soft skills.

Training starts

Trainees begin intense two-week full-time training experience w/weekend projects

Interview preparation & placement.

Interview preparation + placement (2-week) experience

Working with us is simple.

Working with Flight is extremely simple and allows you to upscale or downscale when needed.

Simple Pricing

Pricing for each CSR placement: $2000/month

One Invoice

1 contractor invoice for all CSRs, no employers taxes

One account manager

Moonshot’s Head of Customer Support Community serves as your main point of contact and will be with you every step of the way.

We grow with you

As your team grows, we can be sure to train people to be ready for placements with two weeks advance

Work with us.

Launching a product is only the start of the journey. Let’s work together to ensure the success of your mission of keeping users happy.
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