Through our superpower, people, we enhance our clients ability to create world-changing products.

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Our principles.

This set of principles guide our decision-making process and are the foundation of how we opearte at Moonshot.

We're always iterating & improving.

Fast and lightweight iterations are the key to delivering great solutions. The more iterations, the more opportunities to improve.

Mistakes are acceptable, provided we learn from them.

We strongly believe we learn the most from our mistakes. In order to be right, you need to be willing to be wrong a lot.

We constantly train ourselves and each other.

We are very passionate about Learning & Development. Our premise is simple, everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

People are at our core.

We care a lot about people, their growth and well-being. This is the secret ingredient to our sauce and the most important characteristic of who we are as a company.

We trust in radical truth and radical transparency.

This help us promote a culture of a real idea meritocracy. It ensures that important issues are made apparent and not hidden.

We cultivate meaningful work &

When work and relationships are meaningful, people have a sense of fulfillment and purpose. This spills over into the other life arenas and contributes to the overall individual's life purpose.

We get beyond disagreement.

When you agree to disagree, you build peaceful relationships. We show others respect by allowing them to hold a different opinion than the rest and encourage them to row in the same direction afterwards.

We ask for help, and we give it out whenever asked.

Asking for help and helping others allows us to surround ourselves with people who can make us feel good and facilitate further development.

Perks and benefits.

By joining our team, you will take part in this amazing adventure of building the future. These are just some of the perks you'll have.

Work from anywhere

People in Moonshot have the freedom to work where they work best (wherever that may be) and the flexibility to get your best work done.

Competitive Salary

Competitive salary designed to reward our team members for their time, effort and dedication.

Health Care Assistance

We care about you and your health, we offer a stipend for insurance coverage.

Generous Vacation Time

30 days off, for you to take the time you need to recharge and have a work-life balance.

English Classes

English language for us is really important as most of our clients are native english speakers. That’s why we offer an english stipend for you to constantly improve your english skills.

Learning Stipend

Growth is our mantra. Since day one you receive a stipend to invest in your education trough our platform.

Revenue Share Bonus

What you do here really counts, that’s why we give an annual revenue-share bonus to recognize the part you play in our success.

Wellness Activities

Keeping Moonshooters healthy is our priority. We organize weekly activities to improve your health and overall well-being.

Talk of the town.

Moonshot member
María Carolina Rodríguez
Front-end Developer
"Moonshot is a place to grow! It’s a safe space where you can be your very best self. Everybody cares about the wellness of the team and the client. For Moonshot, career growth is essential!  They are constantly improving as a startup to offer great benefits to their employees.  Also, each member of the community is priceless.

I’m truly grateful to have the chance to be part of such an amazing team, always with the best disposition to help, to have a great conversation or even to play a Mario kart cup. We are convinced we can learn and build anything, and that’s why we will probably go to the moon."
Team member
Constanza Jaime
UX Designer
"In the beginning, I felt scared because it was my first job in the tech area in another language, but the team is constantly challenging me to improve and learn new things. I already have a year here, and it has been an extraordinary experience."
Team member
Henry Ramírez
Product Designer
"Moonshot has been a place to truly experience what working with people you trust and care should fee like. It's been an adventure full of personal and professional challenges you feel supported, satisfied and driven to accomplish."
Moonshot member
Nicolás Muñoz
Full Stack Developer
"My experience working at Moonshot has been wonderful. My co-workers are extremely talented, friendly and always eager to learn, improve, and help each other. Moonshot is very concerned with maintaining and promoting a happy work environment, and it really shows. For these reasons and more, I’m happy to be a part of this amazing community."
Moonshot member
José Alexander Guerra
Software Engineer
"Working for Moonshot has been an incredible experience. In just a few months I have managed to achieve many of my professional and personal goals, that I had not been able to achieve in other companies."

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