Go1 UX and SEO Website Optimization Upgrade: Boosting Performance and Driving Growth

Go1 is a globally curated eLearning library from top training providers in a single subscription that integrates both learning management (LMS) and Human Resources Information systems (HRIS) to provide a one-stop-shop for businesses and organizations to access, manage and deliver employee training and development programs. It offers a wide range of online courses, from compliance training to professional development, all in one platform. They have offices in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom and a presence in over 160 countries.
From 8 seconds to 200 ms of loading speed
More than 20k SEO-optimized and indexed pages
Built to be GDPR compliant
CDN implementation reduced load time by 80%

The challenge

Since its inception, Go1 has achieved an impressive annual revenue growth rate of 100%. To sustain this growth, the company set its sights on increasing organic traffic and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) generated through inbound strategies. Their website had tremendous potential for growth, and with a 100% increase in revenue, there was an opportunity to optimize their site's conversion rate. Additionally, by scaling their organic lead generation efforts to new heights, they could continue to keep pace with their growth rate.

To achieve their objectives, Go1 required a specialized high-tech partnership to help improve overall page performance through the update of landing pages and enhance the entire website code and structure alongside a newly optimized SEO strategy. It was also crucial to empower their marketing team autonomy and capabilities with the increase of custom-made components for their CMS. 

The solution

The UX and SEO optimization project for Go1 was divided into two distinct phases. In the first phase, Moonshot was brought in as an external consultant to deliver fast, optimized pages to showcase their course catalog. This strategy involved publishing content from their database to reach long-tail users, targeting areas with low SEO competition, and aiming for high search engine rankings. The team successfully launched over 20,000 pages and got them indexed on search engines. This led to the team’s involvement in supporting marketing efforts on other parts of the website.

In the second phase, the team took ownership of the entire website project from a technical perspective. The main requirement included continuous support to help marketing achieve its goals, while also periodically improving the performance of pages across the entire site. During this phase, Moonshot’s dedicated team worked as a hub to coordinate stakeholders from Product, DevOps, Marketing, Engineering, Design, Legal, and HR, to successfully launch the new version of the website.

The focus during the second phase shifted from page quantity to page quality, with fewer pages being built with more engaging content. 

For this solution, it was essential to keep the static site architecture to ensure fast-performing pages and monitoring tools to validate that changes were deployed on time and that new releases did not decrease performance. Before each deployment, the code was thoroughly tested to ensure nothing would break in production.

The whole transition was made without downtime, with a risk mitigation strategy in place to accommodate a global company like Go1 where someone is visiting the site at any time, any day. Quality assurance processes ensured that the website was running smoothly and that any issues were quickly resolved. 

The results

Prior to the redesign, Go1's website suffered from slow loading times due to routing through a server in Australia. Some of the most popular landing pages took up to 8 seconds to load in certain locations. To address this, a CDN was implemented, resulting in over 80% improvement in initial response time, reducing it from an average of 8 seconds to under 200ms in certain locations. 

Another key result was the creation of reusable components, keeping NextJs as the main technology, with the design of more than 30 slices or content templates that enabled non-technical stakeholders to create pages easily from the CMS.

To ensure accuracy and proper display of content on over 20,000 pages, a comprehensive monitoring system with synthetic tests and alert systems was added. All libraries were also kept updated to remove any security vulnerabilities. 

The redesign was built to be GDPR compliant, with specific features created in collaboration with the Legal team to update content, terms, and conditions, and to add subscriptions for users interested in legal updates. 

The partnership with Moonshot proved to be determining for Go1, as we took ownership of the project and managed to become a transformational force within the customer that could align stakeholders and push for an end-to-end solution. The redesign resulted in a significant increase in website visits, engagement, and time spent on the website. 

“Working with their dedicated team of devs has sped up our achievement of business goals and R&D.At Go1, we place a tremendous amount of importance on our relationship with Moonshot. Our collaboration has grown over the years from being an integration partner, of which we have many, to actually working on our core product. I would recommend them to anyone who values quality and world-class delivery.”

Mark Bolton
VP Growth Initiatives, Go1

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