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Empowering Language Learning: Innovative Web and Mobile App Development

Gamification elements: fun and dynamic
Multi-language content: 3 languages
Track progress and stay motivated
Scrum framework and event-driven architecture

The challenge

In the aim to continuously improve its value proposition, a global leading English provider  was looking for new ways to grow their franchise base by building a web and mobile application. Existing users were facing difficulties while navigating their app and this impacted user retention and referral capabilities. 

The main goal was to deliver a brand new web and mobile application with two access levels, one freemium for users to try and then enroll in their school, and one that complements the learning journey of current students.

The solution

The project began with a discovery phase in which the team identified the key features and requirements of the app. This included conducting market research to understand the needs of potential users and defining the improvements that could be done using the current application as a base for mandatory features.

Scrum framework was essential to manage the development process of the app, as it sets the bases for small deliveries and iterative increments of the product. 

Quality assurance

During the building phase, the team used event-driven architecture to design the app. This approach allowed the creation of a highly responsive and interactive user interface, with real-time updates and notifications.

The team also focused on quality assurance with a rigorous testing process, to improve the NPS of the app. This included unit, integration, functional, instrumental, and end-to-end automated testing with 99% code coverage. 

The results

The partnership with Moonshot proved to be a pivotal turning point for this leading English provider, as it enabled the company to build technological efficiency into the architecture of its business. This ultimately led to the creation of a high-performance web and mobile application that is truly unmatched in its offerings. The app seamlessly integrates over 25 books, containing more than 3,000 exercises per book, all available in three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese). 

UX outstanding upgrade

Based on market research insights, the team put forward significant improvements in user experience by making changes to the user flow from start to finish, but also by adding new flows that weren’t considered in the former platform. The course content was organized and structured reducing the number of clicks required to access the exercises. Moonshot delivered a more intuitive and streamlined experience for its users. 

Engagement as a north star

Another key improvement was the addition of a number of elements that changed the approach of regular and non-regular students to the app such as the course progress page which allowed students to track their progress and stay motivated.

An offline exercise flow was created for the mobile version, as well as a Freemium platform version with specific features that made a more accessible and appealing app to a broader audience.

All fun and games

Gamification elements were implemented to add fun and dynamism to the platform, such as:

  • Earned achievements.
  • Medals.
  • The option to redeem for rewards.
  • A custom avatar creation page.  

Also, new features were designed for a branded battle game, providing easy access to games, notifications for invitations, and time limits for each game, which helped to enhance the user experience and drive engagement. 

The overall results of these improvements have been a significant increase in user satisfaction, engagement, and retention. As a result, this leading English provider was able to achieve its goal of continuously improving its value proposition and scale an ed-tech app with global standards.

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