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Database Development Services Tailored for Your Business

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with Our Tailor-Made Database Development Services.

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Working with Moonshot is a perfect extension of our team of Graphite.

They bring deep technical knowhow and give me comfort in their ways of working and quality, at all times, working with us and our clients. It's hard to find reliable external engineering help that delivers on time with solid architectural and engineering decisions that don't need to be redone once our team takes over the code base.

Ethan Smith. CEO, Graphite
Ethan Smith
CEO, Graphite
Teacher at Reforge
Partner Clients:
+40 projects
+26 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers

Why Invest in Database Development Services?

The Data Surge: A Wake-up Call

By 2025, IDC forecasts that worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes.

Benefits to Your Business

Effective and Efficient Data Management.

Why Custom Solutions Matter

Flexibility, Scalability, and Adaptability.

What We Offer: More than Just Database Development

Types of Databases We Work With

  • Relational Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Firebase
  • Vector Databases: Weaviate, Pinecone, Milvus, Chroma
  • Search Engines: ElasticSearch, Algolia

Our Database Development Services

  •   Custom Database Development
  •   Database Application Development
  •   Database Migration and Testing
  •   Database Support and Maintenance

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Fintech
  • eCommerce
  • Crypto
  • Edtech

How We Deliver: Our Proven Process

Requirement Analysis and Planning

Logical and Physical Database Design

Implementation and Data Loading

Testing and Performance Tuning

Why Choose Us for Custom Database Development Services?

Tailored Unique Solutions

Every business is distinct. Software companies provide bespoke digital solutions, ensuring perfect alignment with specific objectives.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In a rapidly evolving tech world, software companies stay updated. They let you leverage the newest technologies for a competitive edge.

Continuous Support

The journey continues post-deployment. Companies offer constant support, ensuring digital tools stay secure, and updated.

Some of our clients

We work with founders and companies backed by top VC funds and accelerators.

📗 Education Services

Education company that offers digital learning solutions and AI products.

London, England
Valued at 9.72 billion USD
🚀 Startup ecosystem

Global network for entrepreneurs with accelerators, investments, and resources.

Boulder, Colorado
$108.9M USD in funding
💻 E-commerce

Grove creates and curates high-performing, planet-first home, and personal care products

San Francisco, California
Valued at 1.32 billion USD
🏦 Venture capital

European venture capital firm focusing on early-stage startups.

Vienna, Austria
380 million USD in funding
⚕️ Healthcare

Primary care and concierge medicine  early-stage startup.

New York, United States
3.1 Million USD in funding
📗 Education Services

Multinational educational company and the world's largest language school network.

São Paulo, Brazil
Acquired by Pearson in 2013
📗 Education Services

Customer intelligence platform that analyses customer's feedback, support, and conversation data.

CDMX, México
34.8 million in funding - Series B
📗 Education Services

Online learning platform offering on-demand training and a dynamic content-driven platform.

Brisbane, Australia
Valued at 2.8 Billion USD
Database development Services for all your business needs
Let’s Talk

Our approach

Discover & Define

A mapping of all the flows of the platform is carried out, to analyze and evaluate the complexity and determinate possible solutions that can be given to our problem.


Ideation of visual solutions for evaluated flows, also with rapid prototyping to test the effectiveness of these solutions. Raise front-end impact if necessary.


Implement the product solutions, optimize your systems and increase the engagement of your platform.


Efficiently maintain and continuously improve your digital product to ensure ROI and ongoing value for your customers.

Technologies we use

MEAN Stack

  • MongoDB (Database)
  • Express.js (Web application framework)
  • Angular (Frontend framework)
  • Node.js (Runtime environment)

MERN Stack

  • MongoDB (Database)
  • Express.js (Web application framework)
  • React (Frontend library)
  • Node.js (Runtime environment)

LAMP Stack

  • Linux (Operating system)
  • Apache (Web server)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • PHP (Server-side scripting language)

LEMP Stack

  • Linux (Operating system)
  • Nginx (Web server)
  • MySQL (Database) or MariaDB
  • PHP (Server-side scripting language)

Ruby on Rails Stack

  • Ruby (Programming language)
  • Ruby on Rails (Web application framework)
  • PostgreSQL (Database)
  • JavaScript (Frontend scripting language)

Python-Django Stack

  • Python (Programming language)
  • Django (Web application framework)
  • PostgreSQL (Database)
  • JavaScript (Frontend scripting language)

Java Spring Stack

  • Java (Programming language)
  • Spring Framework (Application framework)
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL (Database)
  • JavaScript (Frontend scripting language)

MEVN Stack

  • MongoDB (Database)
  • Express.js (Web application framework)
  • Vue.js (Frontend framework)
  • Node.js (Runtime environment)

Serverless Stack

  • AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions (Serverless computing)
  • API Gateway (Serverless HTTP API management)
  • Various databases and storage services as needed
  • Frontend frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js


  • JavaScript (Frontend scripting language)
  • APIs (For dynamic functionalities)
  • Markup (Static site generator or content management system)
  • Services like Netlify or Vercel for deployment

Flutter Stack

  • Dart (Programming language)
  • Flutter (UI toolkit)
  • Various backend options (Node.js, Python, etc.)
  • Various databases as needed

Ionic Stack

  • Angular or React (Frontend frameworks)
  • Ionic (Hybrid mobile app framework)
  • Cordova or Capacitor (For accessing native device features)
  • Backend technologies as required


MVP development
3-5 months
MVP with an innovative component to increase learner engagement
4-6 months
Creation of an eLeraning module with basic features or automation of one learning management process (e.g. performance assessment)
1-3 months
Investment payback period
0.1-0.9 years /due to high value from innovate tech)
Every 2-6 weeks
Minor changes and hotfixes
Several times a day

What our clients say about us

65+ Moonshooters from 18+ countries. Over 26 clients and 40 projects. Shooting for the moon since 2020.

Working with their dedicated team of devs has sped up our achievement of business goals and R&D.

At Go1, we place a tremendous amount of importance on our relationship with Moonshot. Our collaboration has grown over the years from being an integration partner, of which we have many, to actually working on our core product. I would recommend them to anyone who values quality and world-class delivery.

Mark Bolton
VP Growth Initiatives, Go1
Valued $23B
Insights Company
I feel they help us grow as a company to achieve our aims and objectives.

There are so many things I love about working with Moonshot, but crucially it comes down to the people and culture. Their teams feel like an extension of our team and that is exactly how I like it. I feel they help us grow as a company to achieve our aims and objectives, but also help me grow as an individual.

Benjamin Pook
Head of Product, Play Verto
Valued $23B
Insights Company

Case Studies


Boosting App Growth: Targeted Messaging for English Learning

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<The Lanby>

Product Discovery: The Lanby's Primary Healthcare Innovation

Learn more
Our team is ready to work on your challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start with my database development project?

To initiate your database development project with Moonshot, simply schedule an initial consultation with our team. We'll discuss your needs and objectives, analyze requirements, and provide a detailed proposal for your approval.

What is the database development life cycle?

Moonshot's database development life cycle involves strategic planning, thorough requirements analysis, innovative design, flawless implementation, rigorous testing, efficient deployment, and proactive maintenance and evolution.

Can I get changes done after the database solution is launched?

Certainly! Moonshot provides post-launch support, allowing you to make changes or enhancements to your database solution as your business needs evolve.

What is database development services?

Database development services involve the creation, design, and implementation of customized database systems tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. A proficient database development company employs a team of experts who specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that enhance functionality, efficiency, and performance. These services encompass various aspects such as database architecture, development solutions, and the utilization of cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure. The aim is to optimize business processes, ensure high performance, and provide secure data storage.

What are the 5 database development processes?

The five essential database development processes comprise:

  1. Requirements Gathering: This initial phase involves understanding the business data needs, workflows, and specific functionalities required from the database system.
  2. Database Design: Crafting a robust database architecture that aligns with the business processes, utilizing indexing, formatting, and decision-making structures to optimize data storage and retrieval.
  3. Implementation: Executing the design plan to create the actual database, ensuring compatibility with web applications, mobile applications, and other platforms.
  4. Testing: Rigorous testing procedures to verify the real-time functionality, security, and efficiency of the database, ensuring it meets the business's high-performance standards.
  5. Deployment: Launching the customized database into operation, often involving cloud-based solutions like AWS or Azure, and providing ongoing support for upgrades and maintenance.

What is the role of a database developer?

A database developer plays a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining databases, ensuring data integrity, security, and optimal performance.

What is database support services?

Database support services involve comprehensive assistance and maintenance provided by a database development team. This includes ensuring the continuous high performance of the database, addressing upgrades, and optimizing business intelligence workflows. Support services extend to data security measures, real-time monitoring, and the efficient resolution of issues to keep the database system running smoothly. This is crucial for businesses relying on databases for their day-to-day operations and decision-making processes.

What is database administration?

Database administration encompasses the ongoing management and optimization of database systems. This role involves monitoring, tuning, and securing databases to ensure their efficiency and security. Database administrators work with cloud-based solutions, handle custom database development, and oversee the entire lifecycle of the database, from creation to maintenance. Their responsibilities include managing workflows, decision-making processes, and ensuring data integrity.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your database development needs?

Outsourcing database development needs to a specialized company offers various advantages, including:

  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution, providing access to skilled professionals without the overhead costs of an in-house team.
  • Access to Expertise: Leveraging the expertise of a dedicated database development team ensures that specific needs and high-performance standards are met.
  • Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing allows businesses to concentrate on their core operations, leaving the intricacies of database consulting, management systems, and development to the experts.
  • Custom Solutions: A reputable database development company tailors solutions to specific business requirements, utilizing cloud-based platforms, CRM integration, and custom development to address unique needs efficiently.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing offers scalability, allowing businesses to adapt their database systems as their needs evolve, whether through upgrades, additions, or adjustments to workflows.

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