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Playverto and Moonshot partnered to build a customizable web-based survey tool that is changing the game for community engagement

Playverto is a social enterprise specializing in data-led community engagement through the use of technology and play-based experiences. Play Verto is on a mission to enable the social impact ecosystem by inspiring diverse communities to share authentic insights and playfully contribute to social change.
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The challenge

Play Verto wants to revolutionize the market research industry by empowering diverse communities to share their authentic insights through the use of play-based answer types. In order to continue delivering this service, they needed to upgrade their ability to build experiences with a fast, customizable, and user-friendly web-based tool.

Therefore the challenge was to create an innovative survey tool that works both, online and offline and that could be fully customized to match any brand's aesthetic. 

The platform also needed to be interactive with a playful design that inspires deeper engagement and generates more heartfelt responses, providing actionable insights for real-world impact. With an intuitive interface that requires no coding experience, where anyone can easily create and launch a survey.

Playverto used their partnerships with top client brands to demonstrate the capabilities of their interface. 

The solution

Playverto chose to leverage Moonshot’s team capabilities to partner all through the process to deliver on this challenge. Moonshot’s “Discover, Ignite, and Build” value worked as a base for its tailored team to create 3 key pillars as the foundation of this interactive experience:

Desktop showing fun animated graphs

1. The Application

An interactive web-based application that brings a whole new level of engagement to surveys. With its gamified approach, players are transported to a world of fun and excitement, all while providing valuable feedback.

Through the app, players have the unique opportunity to access a game over the internet or offline, with just a simple URL. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design allow for a hands-on, minds-on experience with a variety of animated answer types, players can effortlessly swipe to indicate agreement or disagreement, capture their ideas with the phone's camera, describe them through text, or watch educational content.

Moonshot was instrumental in shaping the overall user experience as our team's expertise in UX/UI design resulted in a seamless and intuitive design for all question types. The overall dedication to the project extended beyond the design aspect and into the development of the front-end and back-end, as part of a true part. 

2. The Admin

The Play Verto Admin is the heart of the magic that turns ordinary surveys into unforgettable adventures. With the ability to customize colors, languages, and bring in elements like videos and photos. 

With a strong technical foundation, the administrative portal allows Playverto to create as many experiences as they want without the need for manual coding. They can generate company structures, branding guidelines, flow creations, logic, language integration, and build new answer types.

3. The Dashboard

The visualization tool for Play Verto brings data to life with playful, customizable graphs that showcase anonymous, aggregated insights. It's a fun, interactive, and customizable way to see the results of your surveys and gain valuable insights into the audience.

The results

In partnership with Moonshot, Playverto has successfully digitalized and escalated its community engagement efforts through the development of a web-based platform with exceptional UX/UI, that works seamlessly both online and offline and offers complete customization.

The platform is an innovative survey tool that enables Playverto to inspire deeper participation and generates more meaningful responses, providing actionable insights for real-world change. With the ability to create surveys with no coding experience, anyone can effortlessly launch a survey in over 50 languages.

The platform's success is evident, with Playverto boasting 80% completion rates, a testament to the effectiveness of the company's approach to market research. Finally, our partnership has resulted in key decisions that have ignited Playverto's ability to build real connections and uncover valuable insights for each of its clients. 

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