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Product Discovery: The Lanby's Primary Healthcare Innovation

The Lanby is a unique healthcare provider in the US, focused on an integrative primary care solution that brings together physicians, wellness advisors, and concierge managers to provide holistic and integrative care. With a relentless drive to revolutionize the healthcare industry, this startup is committed to tackling challenges from a patient-centric perspective, pioneering an approach that promises to transform how we think about care.
Patient-centric approach led to innovative product discovery
Interactive Care Plan designed for patients and Care team
Optimal patient experience with customizable features
Established foundation for scalable and sustainable growth

The challenge

The Lanby faced an ambitious challenge: to provide patients with an exceptional experience that would go beyond the clinic's walls and help patients seamlessly navigate their treatment after their visits. The main focus was on ideating an interactive Care Plan that could be relevant for patients, feasible for the care team, and scalable for the business.

This required a comprehensive review of the Care Team's internal processes to identify pain points and improve core services. To remain true to their vision, they also needed to improve communication channels between the concierge manager and patients and optimize the tracking of patients' treatment journeys, providing personalized but scalable support.

The Lanby identified the need to partner with a software development team that could offer a clear understanding of what needed to be developed and how everything should interact to achieve optimal performance. This involved scrutinizing existing off-the-shelf solutions in the market to determine the best course of action, ensuring that they were building the right thing.

The solution

The project focused on thorough joint discovery between Moonshot, Managing, and Care teams. Through workshops and in-depth interviews, we mapped the main patient journey to understand their ultimate goal, identify their most pressing pains, and top gains to empower them. Combined with a deep understanding of how the care team provides integrated care, this led us to focus on creating ideal flows for a five-star patient experience.


In parallel with product discovery, the team analyzed several technological alternatives in the market to create feasible scenarios to deliver the product vision. The tech discovery started by analyzing current systems in place, going into granular detail on what already existed in the company. It also required an in-depth analysis of vendor documentation, extensive demos, and meetings with engineers. Besides the technical potential, we also ran a strict analysis of government rules compliance, such as HIPAA.

"We help them discover what would be the right thing to build, before building it right." Sergio Andrade, Moonshot's Strategic Design Lead

Product Vision Development

Moonshot put together a comprehensive vision for the future of The Lanby's digital platform, detailing the main flows necessary for an efficient interactive Care Plan and establishing the building blocks to get there.

Within the product vision, ten guiding tenets were defined to ensure a great patient experience. These tenets are solution agnostic and constant over a long period of Lanby's path.

Eight main principles were detailed to ensure a digital ecosystem that leverages the guiding tenets and is built right from the beginning to achieve the product vision. These principles need to be present in all product development.

The guiding tenets and product principles together ensure that The Lanby can have an environment as unique as their distinguished practice.

The results

The partnership with Moonshot proved to be starting point for The Lanby, enabling the company to define the foundational principles and vision for its digital ecosystem. With a focus on optimizing the patient experience while maintaining business growth and scalability, Moonshot's guidance helped to design the principal screens for both the Care Team and Patients.

Product Discovery result - MVP Healthcare innovation

The interactive and customizable Care Plan, task management system, and communication hub were seamlessly integrated to create an optimal patient experience for integrative primary care. Simultaneously, the team analyzed various technological solutions to deliver short-term value and establish the foundations for future development. For one of the scenarios, a proof of concept was conducted to evaluate the readiness of third-party providers and identify roles and responsibilities.

Ultimately, The Lanby relied on Moonshot as a trusted product development and tech advisor with hands-on experience in defining the best alternatives to realize the product vision. By leveraging business outcomes and delivering the best patient experience, Moonshot helped Lanby establish a solid foundation for scalable and sustainable growth.

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