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One of the best SEO agencies in the world.

Working with Moonshot is a perfect extension of our team of Graphite.

They bring deep technical knowhow and give me comfort in their ways of working and quality, at all times, working with us and our clients. It's hard to find reliable external engineering help that delivers on time with solid architectural and engineering decisions that don't need to be redone once our team takes over the code base.

Ethan Smith. CEO, Graphite
Ethan Smith
CEO, Graphite
Teacher at Reforge
Partner Clients:
+40 projects
+26 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers
+100 projects
+50 clients
+7 years of experience
+65 specialized developers

Trusted by Industry Leaders and Change-makers

📗 Education Services

Education company that offers digital learning solutions and AI products.
London, England
Valued at 9.72 billion USD

🚀 Startup ecosystem

Global network for entrepreneurs with accelerators, investments, and resources.
Boulder, Colorado
Valued at $108.9M USD in funding

💻 E-commerce

Creates and curates high-performing personal care products.
San Francisco, California
Valued at $1.32 billion USD

📗 Education Services

Customer intelligence platform that analyses customer's data.
CDMX, México
$34.8 million in funding - Series B

🏦 Venture capital

European venture capital firm focusing on early-stage startups.
Vienna, Austria
$380 million USD in funding

⚕️ Healthcare

Primary care and concierge medicine  early-stage startup.
New York, United States
$3.1 Million USD in funding

📗 Education Services

Multinational educational company and the world's largest language school network.
São Paulo, Brazil
Acquired by Pearson in 2013

📗 Education Services

Online learning platform offering on-demand training.
Brisbane, Australia
Valued at $2.8 Billion USD

Our Services


Product Design

Elevate your concept to a market-ready product with our design expertise. From design thinking and user-centric concepts to Figma-ready prototypes, we craft compelling, user-friendly solutions that not only meet user needs but also enhance your brand’s presence and functionality.

Software Development

Software Development

Leverage our experienced expert teams for your software development needs. Specializing in deep engineering, we handle everything from backend architecture and databases to all types of apps. Our experts bring proven expertise and an agile approach to deliver scalable, high-performance solutions that integrate seamlessly into your digital ecosystem, propelling your business forward in the competitive tech landscape.

low code development

Low-Code Development

Streamline web development with our Low-code services. Quickly build high-quality solutions with minimal coding, allowing your team to innovate faster and meet evolving business needs efficiently. Embrace low-code for agile, scalable results in today's fast-paced digital environment.

Pricing & Engagement models

Extended Design Team

Seamlessly integrate into your workflows and boost productivity with our team, enhancing your design capabilities effortlessly.
/per month
1 Sr. Product Designer (32 hours/month)
1 Product Designer  (80 hours/month)
UI Design
Expand existing UX
Expand existing design system
Asset creation
High fidelity design ready for production

Experience Design Team

Effortlessly integrate our design team into your operation to elevate capabilities, add value, and drive transformative outcomes.
/per month
Popular 🔥
1 Sr. Product Designer  (80 hours/month)
1 Product Designer  (160 hours/month)
User flows
User Journeys
Design principles
Design system
UX/UI flow designs
Rapid prototyping
Usability analysis
User testing

Customized Product Design

Tailor your design team to your needs. Scale up, add skills, and adapt seamlessly to evolving projects for outstanding results.
Contact us for a tailored quote based on your specific team requirements and project scope.
Flexible Configuration: Mix and match roles and time commitments (part-time, full-time).
Expert Matching: Access specialized UX/UI designers, visual designers, product managers, and user research experts.
Dynamic Scaling: Adjust team size and composition as project demands evolve.
Comprehensive Support: Continuous quality assurance and dedicated support throughout your project lifecycle.

Flex Team

Our Flex Teams deliver customized, scalable solutions tailored to your project’s specific demands. They integrate seamlessly with your operations, enhancing your capacity with specialized skills for optimal agility and responsiveness.
/per month
1 Software Developer (160 hours/month)
1 Software Developer (80 hours/month)
1 Product Designer (Up to 16 hours/month)
1 Senior Technical Project Manager (Up to 16 hours/Month)
1 Quality Assurance Expert (Up to 8 hours/month)
1 Devops Expert (Up to 8 hours/month)

Core Team

Our Core Team is perfect for large-scale projects, consisting of dedicated professionals ready to either collaborate with your team or lead the way, ensuring your strategic goals are met and your business continues to grow.
/per month
Popular 🔥
1 Software Developer (160 hours/month)
1 Senior Software Developer (160 hours/month)
1 Product Designer (160 hours/month)
1 Senior Technical Project Manager (80 hours/month)
1 Quality Assurance Expert (On-demand)
1 Devops Expert (On-demand)

Customized Team

Customize your development team with flexible options to meet specific project needs, scaling up or adding specialized skills as required.
Contact us for a tailored quote based on your specific team requirements and project scope.
Flexible Configuration: Mix and match roles and time commitments (part-time, full-time) to create your ideal team.
Expert Matching: Access specialized software developers, product designers, and technical project managers.
Dynamic Scaling: Adjust team size and composition as project demands evolve.
Comprehensive Support: Continuous quality assurance and dedicated support throughout your project.

Landing Page

Establish your online presence with a tailored Landing Page, blending creativity and functionality for a stunning, user-friendly brand showcase.
/one payment
Webflow Development
Dedicated UX/UI Designer
Quality Assurance
2 Pages


Elevate your digital presence with a comprehensive Full-Website, fusing design excellence with practicality to showcase your brand's story and offerings.
/one payment
Popular 🔥
Webflow Development
Dedicated UX/UI Designer
Fractional Team
Quality Assurance
7 Pages

Scalable Full-Website

Expand your online presence with a Scalable Full-Website, featuring unlimited pages and a dedicated UX/UI designer to adapt and grow alongside your business.
/per month
Webflow Development
Dedicated UX/UI Designer
Dedicated Team
Quality Assurance
Unlimited pages

Ideal Business Partners

Entrepreneurs and Early-Stage Startups

Perfect for visionaries taking the first steps, our services empower entrepreneurs and early-stage startups with the essential tools and expert guidance to transform innovative ideas into viable business ventures. We provide scalable solutions to help you navigate the foundational challenges of starting up.

Startups & Scale-ups

Ideal for growth-focused startups, our offerings are tailored to support businesses in the scaling phase. From Series A to C, we enhance your capabilities with advanced technology solutions and expert advice to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.


Designed for established companies, our services provide robust solutions that integrate seamlessly into large-scale operations. We help you optimize processes, innovate continuously, and maintain industry leadership. Our expertise supports your endeavors to expand, innovate, and excel in your sector.

Our process:
Simple, seamless, streamlined


Complete a discovery call

Kick off with a discovery call to analyze your needs and outline potential solutions, ensuring a clear path forward.


Get the expert team you need

Connect with a dedicated team that's expertly matched to address your specific needs, crafting targeted solutions to overcome your unique challenges


Onboard and scale as required

Seamlessly integrate our experts into your workflow and scale your team size according to project demands.

Meet the Moonshot Team

The founders

Juan Lagrange


Linked in Juan Lagrange

Juan, a computer science graduate recruited by CERN, founded Akdemia, a successful school management system serving 50,000 users across four Latin American countries. He later launched Sunlight, a learning-as-a-benefit platform with clients like Figma and Syngenta.

Ricardo Rodríguez


Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Ricardo founded three IT consulting, software engineering, and social media analytics firms. With 15+ years' experience in Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Social Media, and Education, he's an active researcher, exploring AI applications in e-learning to innovate and create positive change.

Valentina Delfino


Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Seasoned entrepreneur and finance expert, co-founded ContaCrypto in 2023, quickly positioning it as a top cryptocurrency platform in the UK. As Founder at Moonshot Partners, she drives the success of in-house ventures. Her background also includes executive roles in finance and board memberships that reflect her broad skill set and proven strategic vision

The Leadership Team

Rubens Pasquale


Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Francisco Hernández


Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Jessica León

Head of Talent

Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Sérgio Andrade

Head of Product

Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Sofi Kelesarian

Head of Design

Linked in Ricardo Rodríguez

Why Moonshot?

Expert Teams

With extensive experience collaborating alongside top companies, Moonshooters bring invaluable expertise to help your organization scale and elevate its standards in quality and best practices.

Exceptional Communication

Moonshoters excel in remote team communication, mastering the art of crafting comprehensive progress updates and adjusting expectations as required. They build trust trough consistent actions and continuos communication.

Cultural Compatibility

Proactive, passionate, and open to new ideas, Moonshoters quickly acclimate to your tech infrastructure, team dynamics, and company culture, ensuring they become an integral team member from day one.

Female Talent Inclusion

Top 30 companies leading the inclusion of Female Talent in Technology in Latin America.

About Laboratoria

How Top Companies Excel in Software Development

Working with their dedicated team of devs has sped up our achievement of business goals and R&D.

With extensive experience collaborating alongside. Fortune 50 engineering teams, Moonshoters bring invaluable expertise to help your organization scale and elevate its standards in quality and best practices.

Mark Bolton
VP Growth Initiatives, Go1
I feel they help us grow as a company to achieve our aims and objectives.

There are so many things I love about working with Moonshot, but crucially it comes down to the people and culture. Their teams feel like an extension of our team and that is exactly how I like it. I feel they help us grow as a company to achieve our aims and objectives, but also help me grow as an individual.

Benjamin Pook
Head of Product, Play Verto
Moonshot Partners was instrumental in transforming our online presence.

They enhanced our site and significantly improved user engagement, resulting in a 30% increase in session duration and a 25% rise in lead generation. Their agile management and expert team exceeded our expectations in quality and service, transforming our complex needs into a seamless, engaging user experience. We couldn't be happier with the results and the partnership.

Alexis De Vienne
Managing Partner, Saturn Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are software consulting services and how can they benefit my business?

Software consulting services involve expert advice and guidance on various aspects of software development. They benefit businesses by providing tailored solutions, optimizing processes, and ensuring technology aligns with business goals, ultimately enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

How does Moonshot approach the software development process?

Moonshot follows a comprehensive and collaborative approach, involving strategic planning, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, and continuous communication. This ensures transparency and alignment with your business goals throughout the process.

What types of software solutions can Moonshot create for my business?

Moonshot specializes in a range of solutions, including custom software development, system integration, software architecture design, and more. The goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

I already have an in-house development team, why should I consider outsourcing to a software consulting company like Moonshot?

Moonshot brings external expertise, a fresh perspective, and a strategic approach to complement your in-house team. This collaboration enhances innovation, efficiency, and the overall success of your software projects.

Are you a Custom Software Development Company?

Yes, we are a custom software development company. We specialize in creating tailored software solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients, whether it's for business process optimization, automation, or enhancing user experiences.

How does a software consulting company like Moonshot differ from regular software development firms?

Moonshot focuses on strategic planning, advising on technology decisions, and aligning software solutions with business objectives. Unlike regular development firms, Moonshot emphasizes a holistic approach, ensuring the technology serves the overall business strategy.

We want to develop mobile software applications for ios and Android. Can you help?

Yes, we offer mobile app development services for both iOS and Android platforms. We have experienced app developers who can bring your ideas to life, ensuring that your apps are compatible with the latest devices and operating systems.

What is the typical timeline for a software consulting project with Moonshot?

Project timelines can vary based on the complexity and scope of your project. Moonshot follows an efficient process, and timelines will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation based on your specific requirements.

Do you work with SMEs?

Yes, we work with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger organizations. We understand the diverse needs and budgets of SMEs and can provide cost-effective solutions to help them achieve their software development goal.

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The LanbytechstarsWizard by Pearson

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