English Learning Provider

Boosting App Growth: Targeted Messaging for English Learning

15% conversion increase
20% retention improvement
7% rise in referrals
14% NPS boost

The challenge

After launching a new web and mobile application, our client - a leading global English Language Learning provider - was struggling to effectively segment and target their messaging to users based on demographic information and behavior. This critical feature was essential for optimizing performance and driving growth, but their marketing team lacked the expertise to overcome this challenge. They turned to Moonshot Partners as their tech and software development partners to help them develop a segmentation feature that would deliver targeted messages to the right users at the right time.

The solution

Moonshot Partners team began by conducting a thorough analysis of the app's existing functionality, user interface, and features. They conducted several user surveys to better understand how users interacted with the app, what they liked about it, and what they wanted to see improved. Based on the findings, they began working on a new feature that would allow the client's marketing team to better understand their users and target them with more personalized messages.

The importance of targeted messaging cannot be overstated when it comes to improving the key metrics in a business funnel. By delivering personalized messages to users, a business can better activate and retain them, ultimately leading to more successful referrals. Targeted messages can help improve activation by providing relevant information to the user at the right time; they also improve retention by giving personalized information to users to keep them interested and engaged; ultimately, they enhance referral by incentivizing users to refer others through personalized offers or discounts. Hence, targeted messages are a vital tool through all the main stages of a business funnel.

With that goal in mind, Moonshot's team created a user segmentation feature that allows our partner's marketing team to divide users based on their demographics, behavior, and preferences. This feature enables the team to send targeted messages to each segment, whether through push notifications, SMS, or email. The feature also provides analytics for the marketing team, with user data to see which messages are resonating with which segments, allowing them to improve the messaging over time.

English learning app features

The results

Thanks to Moonshot Partners' work, the English Learning Provider app has seen significant improvement in its funnel metrics with:

  • 15% increase in conversion 
  • 20% improvement in retention
  • 7% increase in referrals 
  • Overall, NPS improved by 14% 

The app's users are now receiving more personalized and relevant messages, leading to increased user satisfaction and retention. Additionally, their marketing team now has a better understanding of their users and is able to craft messages that resonate with each segment. 

Thanks to the autonomy to conceptualize, build and prove the different hypotheses and the ability to transform the results into a valuable service. As a result, their app is now considered one of the most innovative and user-friendly apps in its category.

User friendly English learning app developed by Moonshot Partners

In conclusion, the success of this app was greatly improved by Moonshot Partners' implementation of targeted messaging. By empowering their marketing team to better understand their users and send personalized messages, the app's activation, retention, and referral rates all saw significant improvement. The importance of targeted messaging in enhancing business funnel metrics cannot be overlooked and is critical to the success of any app or digital product.

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