The Importance of Including Women in Technology: Insights from Women at Moonshot Partners

March 29, 2023
March 29, 2023
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Moonshot girls team

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In this blog post we will emphasize the significance of including women in the technology industry, and shares the testimonials from women working at Moonshot Partners. It also highlights some tips for helping to close the gender gap in this field.

On March 8th each year, we have the opportunity to reflect on progress towards gender equality and the barriers women still face in many aspects of life - as in the workforce. Including women in science and technology remains a significant challenge. 

Tech is a constantly evolving field that has transformed our world. Nevertheless, there remains a substantial disparity between genders within the industry. While the work is far from done, progress has been made. According to a 2021 UNESCO report on the situation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), women represent only 28% of researchers in STEM worldwide. Additionally, the gender pay gap in technology remains notably high. The need for education and normalization of human rights and responsibilities is still present. We seek equality of rights and, of course, of duties, always humanizing the cause and effect.

Today, there is a significant presence of women in the technology industry, but we should strive for even more progress Women bring perspectives and experiences to the development process that are unique. Their participation helps ensure that technological solutions address the needs and concerns of the entire population, not just part of it. Furthermore, diverse teams have been shown to impact performance significantly and are innovative. For this reason, great leaders from all sectors acknowledge that the workforce must include individuals of different genders and backgrounds to solidify businesses, create and improve processes, reach objectives, and more.

Including women in technology also has economic and social benefits. A recent study found that if the gender gap in technology is closed, twelve trillion dollars would be added to the global GDP by 2025.

At Moonshot Partners, we have incredible talent; all the women that integrate our workforce bring value, enthusiasm, organization, and creativity to every process. And seizing the opportunity, we ask them to reflect on the significance of being a woman in the technology field. This is what they shared with us:

How do you shape your journey as a woman in tech?

Josephny Jimenez - Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Fortunately, I have always felt welcome and understood in my work teams. We see a lot of talk about the gender gap, and part of the nature of being a woman is to take solidarity and protection a step further; this is something that is part of the culture within the technology communities and is what I love about this industry and what makes me happy to belong to this world.

María Fernanda Ríos - People Operations Coordinator

To shape my journey, I have tried to stay open to new opportunities and challenges. As a language and communications specialist, I was surprised when I found myself working for a tech company in People Operations. While I didn't have much prior experience with technology, I realized I would need to learn a lot to excel in my role. At first, learning about computers and programming was daunting, and I constantly struggled with feeling like it was too late for me to pick up these skills. I still sometimes believe that I am too old to learn these complicated concepts, but what has been motivating and has made a difference during my journey is how generous my colleagues have been in sharing their knowledge with me. None of them have ever hesitated to take the time to explain or teach me the things they know. 

I have been lucky to work alongside exceptional women who inspire me. And feeling inspired is important, at least to me. I honestly admire them all, and this admiration moves me. While it hasn't been easy, I am grateful for the experiences and perspectives I have gained on this journey.

I look forward to continuing to grow, learn, and share knowledge with others.

Mery Vera - Software Engineer

My journey as a woman and a reskilled in the tech industry has been chaotically beautiful. It has not been easy since my background is not in science or engineering; however, I have been learning and self-learning a lot through discipline. Moonshot is my first job in this industry, and I am not going to deny that at the beginning, I was scared since it is usual to find more men than women in this industry, which intimidated me. However, my team and client have given me the confidence to express myself and work fluently. Because of this, I'm thankful that I have an incredible manager who often acts as a coach and helps me deal with impostor syndrome.

In short, my adventure in this industry is wonderful because I have a team, a client, and a company that cares about the growth of its collaborators. The mentioned points are fundamental for the professional development of a reskilled woman within this industry.

Maria Carolina Rodríguez - Software Engineer

At first, I believed software development was reserved for a select group of brilliant people with innate development skills. I also thought intelligence was something square and limited, and if you were already good at something, there was no chance of learning something from scratch. 

Then I went to Laboratoria, and that's when I learned that if a woman decides to improve her abilities to give herself and her family a better life, nothing can stop her. That day I understood that we could all learn to develop software. 

For being a woman in the tech industry, I have had to fight many battles. And more than a battle with others, it has been an internal struggle with myself: when to give my opinion and how strongly, when my ideas are valid or stupid, the constant battle of feelings that I don't know enough, the blow of frustration of not getting a solution to a problem. 

Over time, those thoughts have gotten their answers: Always say what I think, with professionalism and a profound reflection on how this can make us improve as a team; That I know enough, because day by day, I collaborate to create incredible software that will be a tool for hundreds or thousands of people; Think about problems that I have had in the past, to which I have found the solution and advanced; How each blocker and the help from my colleagues have helped me grow as a person and as a developer. 

Moonshot's unconditional support is something super valuable in my professional career. From the first moment, I felt their complete confidence in me. It was inevitable that I would give my best to fit in with so many incredible talents in the company. They have always been focused on making the world of technology a more inclusive and friendly world, where it is possible to be your best version without ceasing to be yourself while giving you tools, support, and empathy. 

Today, almost three years after they gave me this opportunity, I can say that I am part of this team, that I am one more of these people that I admire and have learned so much, and that makes me very excited about my future in the industry and in the company.

Jessica León - People & Operations Manager

As a woman in tech, I find immense satisfaction in achieving goals in industries that drive change and progress worldwide. Contributing to advancements in this field is incredibly fulfilling and reinforces the significance of our role in advocating for greater diversity and inclusivity within the industry. However, at times, I have experienced imposter syndrome due to a perceived lack of technical skills compared to my coworkers. Yet, one of the remarkable aspects of the tech industry is the iterative nature of development, which allows mistakes and failures to be embraced as learning opportunities that promote growth and improvement. This iterative process has been incredibly empowering, encouraging me to take risks, seek answers, and learn from my mistakes. It permits me to fail and become a better professional.

Katherinne Jara - Product Designer 

This journey has been a beautiful experience. It is a great satisfaction to experience constant learning, to be able to take risks, to learn from my mistakes, and always be at the forefront and updated on what is new. It has allowed me to be a better professional every day.

Besides contributing to this sector's technological advances and objectives, it has helped me a lot to feel the empowerment of my knowledge and skills, reinforcing and developing my confidence in the role to continue empowering diversity and inclusion in this industry.

Fiorella Chilcon - Software Engineer

Since I started working at Moonshot, which happens to be my first job ever, I've always felt very comfortable and valued by all my teammates. We have a great environment to grow, and even though most of the projects I've worked on are formed mostly by men, I feel like I've also worked with many women. I found that super motivating, especially when they are in leadership positions. But generally speaking, as a woman in tech, I always try to do my best at what I do to be noticed and seek new opportunities to keep growing in my area. I try hard to beat my impostor syndrome and always show willingness to take any challenge to be considered for new roles or responsibilities.

Mari Rodríguez - Software Engineer

In the past, the lack of inclusion made it challenging for women to excel in technology. Despite this, I have distinguished myself by clearly defining my objectives and where I want to be. Programming is my passion, and I have continued to pursue it for several years. To help me develop, I stay up-to-date with new technology, confidently advocate for my ideas, establish short and long-term goals, embrace my failures as valuable learning experiences that have made me more resilient, and avoid procrastination. Furthermore, regardless of their magnitude, I always celebrate my accomplishments as recognition for my hard work and progress in my professional journey.

What valuable things can be done to improve the current situation of women in the tech industry?

Josephny Jimenez - Software Quality Assurance Engineer

A great initiative is to give deserved recognition to so many women who have contributed value to the history of computing and technology, and those of us who may be making history. Knowing the history of women who have thrived in this world is an excellent source of inspiration for me, and become references not only for women but for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to any of the branches of technology; women who have become leaders and have forged a career with ethics and who have earned the admiration and respect of all those who want to follow in their footsteps.

María Fernanda Ríos - People Ops Coordinator

As someone who chose to pursue a career in languages instead of engineering or science, I now understand the importance of role models. When I was younger, I was lucky to have parents who cared about my education and encouraged me to enter the technology industry and become an engineer or scientist. Despite their support, I couldn't access many women who were scientists or engineers, which made it harder for me to envision myself in those roles. That's why one of the most valuable things we can do to improve the current situation of women in the tech industry is to provide more role models and visibility for women in STEM fields. By showcasing the work and contributions of women in tech, listening to their stories, and understanding the challenges they have faced, we can not only inspire the next generation of girls and women to pursue careers in these fields but also we can work to address and overcome the obstacles that women still face in this field.

Mery Vera - Software Engineer

Since there are more male references or models in the tech industry, it would be interesting to propose females as mentors or role models. At Moonshot, there are super professional women who, in addition to being very skilled at work, are also moms and have dealt with the issue of studying at the university where they were probably the only women in their class.

It is also essential to give women at Moonshot tools to continue learning and improving technical skills, especially in a field like technology that is constantly evolving. Although I know at this point that Moonshot has always cared about all its collaborators!

Maria Carolina Rodríguez - Software Engineer

We need to think about the future first. Girls should know about the incredible code pioneers who laid the foundations of modern development (such as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hooper, and Margaret Hamilton) so that they see themselves as capable of being part of this great world that we all build product-by-product, line by line. And for today, companies have a lot to do.

Jessica León - People & Operations Manager

One of the most important things is creating an inclusive work environment where coworkers don't exhibit condescension towards women. Condescension can be a significant barrier in the workplace; it can lead to feelings of undervaluation, frustration, and even imposter syndrome, as women may feel that their contributions are not being taken seriously or are being dismissed outright. This means avoiding condescending or dismissive attitudes and treating women with the same respect and professionalism as their male colleagues. It also means actively seeking out and valuing diverse perspectives and being open to learning from different experiences and backgrounds.

Katherinne Jara - Product Designer

One of the valuable things that have to keep improving in the employment situation of women is to continue with this acculturation of society, teaching inclusion and equality in all areas of this sector, since for centuries they have been taught that women do not have capabilities for sciences. 

One thing that fills my heart is women's global union, managing to cultivate this seed of teaching, transmitting that we are capable in all areas and in everything we set out to do because together, we always can.

Fiorella Chilcon - Software engineer

We need more women in senior positions, maybe having workshops to help women have this vision, goal, confidence, etc. Some technical and leadership training may be helpful. I think having more women as role models are super motivating and inspiring. 

Mari Rodríguez - Software Engineer

Establishing an inclusive environment for women in the technology industry has long been challenging, given the existing barriers that imply this field is reserved solely for men. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that women can perform outstandingly in this domain, making it all the more important to build a mentorship network that enables us to grow professionally. Companies must provide more significant job opportunities and fair promotions while ensuring equal pay for women and men holding the same position. Ultimately, we must strive to establish an inclusive culture that allows women to feel confident and supported by their coworkers, enabling them to flourish and succeed.

Final thoughts 

Paving the way for more women to enter the technology field is extremely important to reach gender equality, economic and social impact. As we progress in this field, we must work together to close the gender gap and ensure that women have equal opportunities and representation at all levels of the industry. Let's keep:

  • Promoting STEM education among girls and young women. Including these topics in their early play and discussing careers in STEM fields teach the girls that it is possible to be whatever they want.
  • Creating mentorship programs: Mentors can help women navigate the challenges of a male-dominated industry, provide guidance, and serve as role models.
  • Fostering an inclusive workplace culture: Employers should create an inclusive and welcoming culture for women; this includes providing equal pay and opportunities for advancement, offering flexible work arrangements, and implementing policies that support work-life balance.
  • Combating gender bias: Gender bias can be subtle and insidious, leading to women being overlooked for job opportunities or promotions. It's essential to raise awareness of gender bias and take steps to combat it in the workplace through training and speaking to your employees to develop a culture that values diversity and inclusion.
  • Increasing the visibility of women in technology: Highlighting the achievements and contributions of women in technology can help to counter stereotypes and inspire more girls and women to pursue careers in the field.
  • Promoting work-life balance that offers flexible hours, parental leave, and other measures that help women build their professional careers without leaving their personal lives aside.
  • Providing development opportunities through programs to help women advance to leadership positions and develop their professional skills.

We must work towards closing the gender gap in technology and creating a more diverse and inclusive industry. The responsibility is on us, which means that our actions taken at present will determine the quality of the future ahead! Hopefully, it will be a brighter one.

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